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Check out the Pro-Tips below for techniques on how to enhance the use of Dangler products:

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Pro Tip #1 – Snow Packing

Pack snow around the Dangler Rod Holder base for additional stability on those very windy days.  If snow is not available on the ice while fishing, use the shavings created from digging the hole.  

Pro Tip #2 – Foam hole cover

Foam hole covers work great to keep the hole from freezing. Easy to use, lightweight, with various models to choose from.

Pro Tip #3 – Light or alarm for Trip-Up

There are a number of lights and alarms that can be used with the Dangler Trip-Up. Our favorite is the HT Enterprises Omni Lite – we tape or use rubber band to attach to Trip-Up flag… Great for night fishing.

Pro Tip #4 – Drag set

Set the drag on your reel loose enough to allow a large fish to take drag, but tight enough to set hook.  

Pro Tip #5 – Use when windy

Make sure to point the rod into the wind. Wind will actually move the rod up and down for natural bait movement.

Pro Tip #6 – Left or Right Hand Use

 The Dangler Rod Holder works for left or right handed reels. Just setup with reel handle opposite the Dangler Rod Holder.

Pro Tip #7 – Using High Visibility Tape

 The use of high visibility tape around the end of your fishing rod, enhances the visibility of bite detection.  Fluorescent orange or yellow works well.

Pro Tip #8 – Rod Holder fits on top of  a 5-gallon pail

Turn 5-gallon bucket upside down and the Dangler Rod Holder will fit inside of the bucket for additional height and visibility.

Pro Tip #9 – Spring Bobber

Using a spring type bobber on the end of your fishing rod, adds additional bite detection for those extremely sensitive bites and allows the user to monitor if minnow is still alive.

Pro Tip #10 – Bobber Stop/Depth finder

Use a bobber stop string on fishing line. Once you determine correct depth for bait, install bobber stop between the first eye of the rod and the reel, about an inch back from the eye. After you catch a fish, just drop your bait down until bobber stop comes to previous location. No need to check depth after every fish!