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Our History

Our mission is to change the way people ice fish, by creating products that are compact, easy to use and enhance your opportunity to catch fish!
In 2007, the Dangler Rod Holder was created to allow for multiple rod and reel combinations to be used in a tip-down fashion. Our design allows you to keep your rod and reel combination elevated from the ice or floor of your shack, offering better visibility of your rod tip, which free floats in the rod holder, allowing your rod tip to also be used as your strike indicator. This fishing system allows for a quick, natural hook-set when a fish strikes. With its compact, lightweight design it soon became very popular! The product was then offered in the retail market and has since grown in popularity with ice fishing enthusiasts.
In 2014, the Dangler Trip-Up was developed to allow anglers to use their existing rod and reel combinations, with a flag detection system. This combines a flag detection indicator, with the ability to use the drag system on your reel for those larger fish! It’s similar to a tip-up, yet more compact and lightweight. We started with the line holder, which allowed us to fish with an open bail on our spinning reels. However, after spreading our lines out farther we realized it was hard to tell when the line was pulled from the line holder. We then worked on adding a flag detection indicator and after over five years of field testing, the Dangler Trip-Up was created!! With the Dangler Rod Holder and Dangler Trip-Up system, there’s nothing more exciting when reeling in game fish. With the use of a hole cover, we discovered that we could keep our line from freezing in sub-zero temperatures. The Dangler Trip-Up can also be used independent of the Dangler Rod Holder for open water fishing from a shoreline, dock, etc. The Dangler Trip-Up was recently offered at our online store and is available at some of our retail locations.
Thank you for your interest in our products!
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